For The Tough Days

Years ago I was given a perpetual calendar. It contains 366 quotes by women (one for each day). I am not always up-to-date on it. Often I’ve forgotten to turn the pages for weeks, and sometimes it’s even been months.

When I fall behind, though, I’ve learned to turn to whatever the current date is. I’ve learned to trust that at some point in the future, I will see whatever the quotes are that I’m skipping. That way they are not lost, just delayed.

February 19 has a quote attributed to Etty Hillesum. It reads:

If one burdens the future with one’s worries, it cannot grow organically. I am filled with confidence, not that I shall succeed in worldly things, but that even when things go badly for me I shall still find life good and worth living.

Today, in the scheme of my life, is one in a series of days that are going well. I am sharing this with you to enhance my chances of remembering this quote for when I stumble into a time when that’s not the case.

What reminders do you use for those days? I invite you to share them with us. Blessings.

Purple Iris - Ken & JD House

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