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November 1-3, 2013, Leaning Into Loss, A Weekend Retreat,
at PriestField Pastoral Center (near Kearneysville, West Virginia). 


Loss calls to mind death, divorce, and major life changes – the ‘biggies.’  What we might forget is that daily life itself regularly involves loss – the neighborhood store that closes, the treasured family dish that breaks as we’re cleaning up after dinner, the wallet photo that wears out, the favorite shoes that simply don’t support our feet anymore, the tragic public traumas that come without warning, the unanticipated illnesses of family, friends, and self – the list goes on and on.  Even changes we invite and desire – like marriage and the loss of singlehood, babies and children and their 24/7/366 demands, new jobs, new homes, pets and their needs for attention – have their own version of emotion.

pastel-heart.jpgOften we brush aside the upset of ‘little’ losses and the emotions of desired changes in an effort to keep moving forward in our lives.  When we do that, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to practice for the large grief events that inevitably will come our way.  Further when we race past our sadness, we unwittingly limit our capacity for joy as well.  Tamping down emotion at any part of the spectrum reduces all experience and free expression.  In addition, the old paradigm of Five Stages of Grief that everyone must move through is out-of-date and at odds with current research.

Leaning Into Loss is a weekend retreat where we slow down and explore these ideas and experiences and more.  Designed as a gentle look at your relationship with loss, change and grief, you will leave the weekend with:

  • increased awareness of how loss impacts your daily life;
  • information about research efforts and the current state of findings in the new science of loss and bereavement;
  • tools to access your own healing and forgiveness;
  • ways to support others in their grief and loss processes;
  • resources and creative ideas for integration and transformation in your personal life and in the lives of those you love.

pastel-heart.jpgThe retreat begins at 6:30 pm on Friday evening.  Together we will create a safe space for sacred sharing and connection.  Scheduled sessions and activities on Saturday and Sunday will include:

  • group and individual exercises to move old grief out of your life;
  • new ways of looking at and transforming chronic, painful, limiting patterns;
  • writing and creative activities, and powerful processes for release;
  • experiences in forgiveness and reconciliation.

Sunday’s program will also feature a Loss Commemoration Ceremony.  Throughout our time together, you will have:

  • time for reflection, relaxation, and contemplation;
  • the support of other participants in structured sessions and genuine sharing;
  • the opportunity to explore the trails and natural treasures of 40 magnificent acres of historic West Virginia; and
  • space to experience the restorative benefits of nature and connection to the Divine.

We will finish by 1:30 pm on Sunday afternoon.

pastel-heart.jpgThe all-inclusive fee for this retreat is just $349 per person (double); $449 (single).   Registration includes lodging, meals, snacks, and all retreat supplies.  Each room at PriestField has two full-size beds, a private bath, and a balcony or patio overlooking Opequon Creek with gorgeous pastoral views.  Six meals (dinner on Friday and Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday) are included, along with healthy snacks, coffee, tea and water.   

Book early! Space is limited to ensure an intimate gathering.  Receive a $35 discount when you register by Saturday, October 19, 2013.  Use the contact form below.  Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an invoice via email with payment instructions.

Your retreat leaders are Rev. Linda M Zupan (Rev Z) and Candi Byrne.

Rev Z, an ordained Unity minister, has facilitated hundreds of grief and loss sessions in a variety of individual and group settings.  For more, see the About Rev Z page on this website.

Candi Byrne is a transformational life coach and creator of the program, “Change Your Story, Transform Your Life––Seven Keys to Discovering and Embodying Your Ideal Self.” 

If you have a question about something that isn’t covered here, call Rev Z at 816. 974.REVZ or send an email to her at RevZ at LeaningintoLoss dot com.

Learn more about Priestfield here

pastel-heart.jpgGive yourself the gift of Time Apart by joining us at Leaning Into Loss, A Weekend Retreat, and recalibrate your level of comfort with change, loss and grief.  

Use this form to register for the Nov 1-3, 2013 Leaning Into Loss Retreat; after you submit your information, you’ll receive an invoice via email with payment instructions.