My New Scent ….

I’m going through the awkward adjustment of smelling different. A while back I discovered that the fragrance I have worn for decades is no longer available. Actually it hasn‘t been available for purchase for quite some time. It took awhile for this change to come to my attention, though, since I tend to buy in quantity when things are on sale. And then it took more time to use up my stash.

Now I’m into that “change stretch” that is, by turns, delightful and dismaying. I don’t quite recognize my smell as me. I keep expecting friends to notice … no one has yet. (That might be because the fragrance I used to wear was a knock-off of the original perfume that I have been “forced” to wear in its place.)

So, I know I smell different. I know it’s a subtle difference. I like that this new scent invites me to pay attention to aroma and sensuality. I had forgotten that connection. It’s fragrant. I like noticing and I like the new odor. I know from past change experiences that one day I will realize I lost the “new smell thrill” at some point. That day is fast approaching. And that’s when it will be “my” scent rather than “my new” scent.

Losses and gains … isn’t that what change is? Have you been experiencing a small or medium or large adjustment? I invite you to share your journey and insights with us.



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