Beautiful Writing

Three years ago I gave a talk that was a tribute to beautiful, powerful writing.  I said, in part:

“… surely by now, everything that needs to be said has been written by someone else … so there’s really no need for me to agonize over the exact word, one conveying the precise meaning I want to share … no demand to work at finding the perfect phrasing to share my feelings, to sweep you into that emotion, to join our experiences … to stretch and to hold the container for transformation and movement for us all.”

I still love quotes and continue to collect them.  Today I have posted a new page titled ‘Quotes and Snippets.’  I intend to add more items to this page as time goes by.  For now, I think we have a good start.

Writing often opens my heart and my mind.  Words have the power to comfort and move me, to offer grace, and to fill me full.  What do words give you?

I invite you to share your own writing about loss and change, grief and bereavement — or share words written by others (with appropriate credit to the author and work where it can be found).


Purple Iris - Ken & JD House

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