Grief and Trust

 “Grief is largely a crisis of trust.  When you lose a loved one you lose a major trust in the basic ‘okayness’ of life.  One moment life was fine, the next, something happened that rocked your world.  For some, the moment is a long process—it began with the idle comment from your spouse who noticed something while in the shower.  A year later it would end in his or her death.  For others it’s more sudden:  life is fine one second, and the next it’s in smithereens.  So many descriptions of September 11, 2001, for example, begin with a remark about what a sunny morning it was.

“Grief can make you feel like a sucker for having ever trusted in sunny days or all the basic givens of life, like health and safety and that people who matter to you will be here tomorrow.”

from About Grief, Insights, Setbacks, Grace Notes, Taboos; written by Ron Marasco and Brian Shuff; published 2010; Ivan R. Dee, Publisher, Chicago.

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Candle in Hands

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