Welcome to Leaning Into Loss

I’ve knowingly (and unknowingly) experienced lots of loss and change in my life.  People who know me are no longer entertained by my oft-told story of being forced to move from Milwaukee to Virginia as a nine-year-old; and honestly, these days it’s pretty flat for me too.

Here’s the point–early loss and the pain of not knowing how to handle it, and not being allowed to express it (my mom wasn’t good at being with sad or angry stuff) paved the way for this…my passion!  I have learned that when we tamp down any emotional expression, we tamp down all of them.  Sort of like pushing on a balloon … or a pebble into a pond … unintended consequences, yet there’s an impact all the same.

My mission is to share my journey, share my insights, share resources that I know about … through this blog, through this website, through retreats, through workshops and seminars, through classes and trainings, through Sunday talks, through conversations and connections with individuals.  My intention is to help others find their own path to full emotional freedom.

I invite you to use the comments section and share your experience with loss and change, your favorite resources, your reactions to my post.  And don’t forget to like Leaning Into Loss on Facebook and sign up for the monthly Newsletter.

Thank you for being part of this community … together we can transform our relationship with loss.


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